Welcome to The March To April™.

Your own little corner of the real and digital worlds to show and share your love for all that is spectacular about college basketball. Before each season, The March To April, aka TM2A, forges partnerships with content providers and consumer brands who are just as nuts about The Game as we are. Through these exclusive partnerships, TM2A will transform the 10,000+ games played by 351 teams between November and April into an annual event.


To celebrate the greatest sport on the planet. At every opportunity.

The March To April exists to enhance life on earth — that huge, dark blue basketballesque orb in our solar system — for the millions of enlightened individuals possessing an emotional attachment to the athletic endeavor known as college hoops. From early November to late April, TM2A invites you all to watch, yell, stomp, scream, toast, post, chat, snap and share. Then repeat.


Every moment matters. Ditto every month.

Catch as many games in person as possible. Watch all others on the screen of your choice, which is extremely easy to do as long as you pay your cable-internet-phone bill first. Do not be afraid to put your money where your mouth is from time to time. Never pass up the chance for a selfie with anybody’s mascot. Try not to over-wear your lucky underwear. If you don’t know all the words to your fight song, sing anyway. And one more thing: When it comes to The March, It's All About April.



In the beginning, it was more alcohol than algorithm.

An idea like this could only have started at one place: A sports bar. Where some slightly-overserved patrons never stopped talking about anything and everything related to college hoops. Some remembered when the majority of the season-ending tournament wasn’t even on national television. Others could easily recall when it only had 32 teams in it…or when there wasn’t even a women’s tournament.

As a rule, these highly spirited conversations only paused long enough for everyone to go to work the next day. But thankfully, more often than not, the Naismithian gods somehow made sure there would be another game to watch at the same place the following night.

It was at one such gathering when the conversation shifted to the day that changed The Game forever: April Fool’s Day, 2000. A Saturday unlike any which had ever come before, because it was on that day when not one, but two, national semifinal basketball games were to be played, with the winners advancing to the first national championship game ever played in the month of April. That wasn’t just the tournament when Michigan State won its first championship since a young man named Magic left East Lansing on his way to immortality via Los Angeles. It was also the tournament when April assumed the mantle of The Month of Champions.

Since then, the tournament — and college basketball — have never looked back. Today, April remains the month when both the men’s and women’s college basketball champions cut down the nets and raise up the trophy. What’s more, college hoops has entrenched itself as one of America’s favorite sports, and the season-ending tournament is more popular than ever.

With teams playing longer schedules, The March To April has simply become a reflection of college basketball in the 21st century. We exist to transform each season into an annual event. Starring two sets of roughly 350 teams combining to play nearly 20,000 games between early November and early April. By bringing America’s biggest fans and favorite brands together for every step of this incredible journey, TM2A Nation is creating the only season-long celebration of The Greatest Game on Earth.


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